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Data #11: Get Inspired From Others’ Portfolios!

Feeling clueless about what to put in your portfolio? Want to get some ideas on how you can build the best online portfolio? One of the ways you can grow and improve in building your portfolio is by looking at how other people have built theirs. I want to introduce you a few online art portfolios I have found.

Note: Some of the portfolios are Flash-based. You may need to enable Flash for the online portfolios to display correctly.
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Data #6: Mistakes To Avoid in Portfolios

On one of my previous blog entries, I talked about how you can start building a good portfolio. Now, I want to go more into detail about building and polished portfolios, and I would like to share more tips I have found.

This blog entry will cover some of the mistakes that artists may make when building their portfolios.
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Data #4: Tips on Building a Good Portfolio

What is a Portfolio?
A portfolio is a professional presentation of yourself and your works to the employer that you hope to work for. Your portfolio showcases your best works and promotes you.[1] Having a portfolio is an important aspect during the job interviewing process.
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