Data #14: Interviewing Desmond Blair

When I interviewed Desmond Blair about the Spring 2011 ATEC and EMAC showcase, I also asked him a few questions about how ATEC students can build their portfolios.

Summary of the Interview
Here are some of the main points about what Desmond advised:

  • Do not put your class assignments in your portfolio (unless you alter the assignment a lot). If everybody put their class assignments in their portfolios and sent them to the same employer, that employer would get tired of seeing similar models, artworks, etc. Also, the employer may get the negative impression that ATEC students do not have creativity or originality. Do we want employers to see us that way?
  • Concentrate and specialize in one field. It is important that you know specifically what you want to do. However, it is also good to learn a variety of other skills so you can be well-rounded.
  • For 3D modelers, try to have more organic models (examples: characters, humans, animals) instead of having mostly geometric models (examples: robots, spaceships, interior design). Challenge yourselves to create organic models!

About Desmond Blair
Desmond Blair is an artist who was born without hands and fingers. In 2009, he graduated with his MFA in Arts and Technology at The University of Texas at Dallas.[2]

Visit Desmond Blair’s website to learn more about his unique background and see his portfolio!


  1. Blair, Desmond. Video and audio interview by Susan Lee. 30 Mar. 2011.
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