Data #10: How To Make a deviantART Portfolio

Personally, I am a heavy deviantART (abbreviated as dA) user. I frequently go there to upload my artworks, see artworks that others have made, and interact with some of the people in dA. Interestingly, dA has a feature where you can create an online portfolio for free. So for starters, I want to show you how you can set up a quick portfolio in deviantART.

However, a portfolio does not have to be built strictly through deviantART. Portfolios can come in different shapes, sizes, and formats. Some formats may be better than others in different situations when presented to an employer. Portfolios can be in:

  • physical format (examples: actual portfolios, art books)
  • digital format (examples: online portfolios, CD’s)[1]

There is nothing wrong in building your portfolio in both formats. It is a good thing to have your portfolios in various formats so you can have back-up files in case some of your works get destroyed or deleted.

deviantART Portfolio Features
One of the free features deviantART offers is an online portfolio! In the portfolio, you can have up to 4 galleries, and each gallery can feature up to 18 artworks. You can also upload your resume in your dA portfolio so that job recruiters and employers can download it instantly.

For more information, read deviantART’s Portfolio (The Awesome Version) news article.[2] To see a sample of a dA portfolio, visit Ryan Ford’s online portfolio.[3]

To learn about deviantART website, visit deviantART’s About page.[4]

What You Need

  • 10-20 of your best artworks in digital format
  • A deviantART account

Building the deviantART Portfolio
Here are the steps you need to perform to create your dA portfolio!

  1. If you have not done so, register a deviantART account.
  2. Log into your dA account.
  3. In your dA page, hover your mouse over to the down arrow symbol that is next to the dA logo.
  4. Find and click “Your Portfolio.”
  5. Click on “Take the Tour” to watch a video that tells you how you can create the portfolio.
  6. Close the video and click “Start Your FREE Portfolio!” to begin.
  7. In the upper portion of the page, you will see 5 tabs: Look & Feel, Personal Info, Biography, Managing Galleries, and Domain Name. You will be on the Look & Feel tab.
  8. In the Look & Feel tab, customize the appearance of your portfolio. When you are done, click the “Next Step >>” button to go to the Personal Info tab.
  9. In the Personal Info tab, fill out information such as the name of your portfolio, your contact information, and what fields you specialize in. Click the “Next Step >>” button to go to the Biography tab.
  10. In the Biography tab, you can upload your profile picture, write a few things about yourself and upload your resume. When you are done, click the “Next Step >>” button to go to the Managing Galleries tab.
  11. In the Managing Galleries tab, you can create galleries, upload artworks, and add descriptions. When you are finished, click the “Next Step >>” button to go to the Domain Name tab.
  12. In the Domain Name tab, create a domain name for your online portfolio. This domain name will become the URL link that will lead to your online portfolio. When you are finished, click “Done.”
  13. Congratulations, you have created your dA portfolio! Check your e-mail to see a confirmation message deviantART sent you.


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  1. C Lambert said

    Great instructions, Susan, and well presented!

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