Data #9: Interviewing Angela Yi

Angela Yi is one of my classmates in my Introduction to Writing and Editing For the World Wide Web (course #: ATEC 3320).

Angela, A Transfer Student
Interestingly, she transferred from the University of North Texas (UNT) to The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). From what I have heard, UNT is well-known for its art and music programs. UNT states that their “College of Visual Arts and Design is one of the nation’s most comprehensive visual arts schools and is considered one of the best in the Southwest”.[1]

I wondered why Angela transferred from UNT to UTD. In addition, I also wanted to get some feedback on what she wanted to know about portfolios.

The Interview
This interview was communicated by e-mail. Some of the dialogues were edited for clarity and quality purposes.

Disclaimer: The opinions and views expressed in this blog entry do NOT necessarily represent the opinions/views of the entire student body, instructors, and administrators of UNT and UTD.

Susan: As of Spring 2011, what year are you in?
Angela: As of Spring 2011, I am a senior at UTD in the ATEC program.

Susan: I heard about you transferring from UNT to UTD. What made you change your mind to study in the Arts and Technology program at UTD?
Angela: Honestly, my mom kind of forced me to go to UNT mainly because I’m the first-born, and she didn’t want me to go far away. I heard from several friends (ones who transferred from UNT to UTD) that the ATEC program had more of what I was looking for than the art program at UNT. I’m more interested in 3D modeling and motion graphics. I’m actually really happy that I picked UTD because it’s a nearby school, and the ATEC program is amazing in my eyes.

Susan: Were there any differences between the courses or programs in UNT and UTD? If yes, what were the differences?
Angela: UNT has a very good fine arts program, but it seemed to be geared more towards painters, sculptors, illustrators… Basically, UNT’s arts program focused more on traditional art. The ATEC program at UTD has some of the finest teachers I have seen in a long time. I feel really privileged to learn from professors like Bruce Barnes and Todd Fechter.

Susan: What are you doing now to build your portfolio? Or, what do you know about building portfolios?
Angela: To be honest, I don’t know much about building portfolios. In high school, there was a mistake on my schedule. So, instead of being in the Advanced Placement Art class (which was the class that would teach students how to make portfolios), I ended up just being in an Art 3 class. So, I never really learned academically. I learned on my own by looking at my friends’ portfolios.

Susan: What would you like to know about portfolios?
Angela: I would like to know pretty much everything. I need to know what I should put in a portfolio and what I should leave out. For example, if I was to apply for an advertising company, is it necessary to include anything other than advertisement work? What about something like oil paintings?


  1. UNT – Undergraduate Majors and Interests – Art Degree Programs. (n.d.). University of North Texas. Retrieved April 17, 2011, from
  2. Yi, Angela. E-mail interview by Susan Lee. 13 Apr. 2011.

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