Data #3: ATEC 2 Industry Videos!

A Series of Connections
While I was checking my Twitter feeds, I came across my 3D Lighting/Composition instructor’s tweet about an inspirational video. I stumbled into a YouTube video interview of Anthony Tyler.[1]

There is also a 2nd part to the video.[2] The video was posted by someone named Russell Smith, a name that sounds oddly familiar to me because I remember him back in my Introduction to ATEC class in fall 2009.

Now that I think about it… I think Anthony Tyler actually did come to one of the class lectures as a guest speaker!

It is great that Smith was able to go around and interview former Arts and Technology (ATEC) students who are now working in companies like DreamWorks. If you are interested, Smith has another ATEC 2 Industry video in his YouTube channel.

My Thoughts
There is not a lot of information or advice for ATEC students on how they can prepare for the the industry. Videos like the one I posted above are very valuable sources of inspiration for ATEC students.

Although Tyler does not talk about how people can build awesome portfolios, he does mention about how networking and connecting with people is what brings the job opportunities to your door.

There goes the word again: networking.

Essentially, what all college students should do during their 4 or 5 years in college is connect with people. Studying is important, but the connections will lead to job opportunities.


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  1. Griffin Marshall said

    This is really awesome information, especially being an ATEC major myself. I never realized how important networking is in the industry until now, it’s also really cool how widespread he says these networks reach. I’m also glad you included the posts on portfolio building, not only were they clear and concise, but they helped define an important part of our career opportunity in a simple format. Overall, I’m glad I switched blog cards with you, because your posts have given me a clearer outlook on what I need to take care of regarding ATEC in my next few years here at UTD.

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