Data #1: Personal Introduction

Welcome to the The Arts & Technology Portfolio blog! My name is Susan, an Arts and Technology (ATEC) student who is attending The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD).

What is the ATEC Program?
For those who are not familiar of my academic background, the ATEC program is… well, it has an ambiguous description. Read the following excerpt from an official UTD website, and see if you can understand the description of the ATEC program:

“Beyond merely a ‘multidisciplinary’ or ‘interdisciplinary’ scope, ATEC encourages the productive convergence of disparate fields and modes of thinking. It joins science with the humanities, creativity with technology, theory with practice, and learning with research. There are no maps showing the way, just students with diverse interests, talents and a skewed way of looking at the ever-changing world.”[1]

Basically, there are no specific directions as to how to become a graphic designer, animator, concept artist or whichever career you choose. The unique characteristic about the ATEC program is that it provides the tools for you to be able to express your creativity and originality.

The program also emphasizes networking and collaboration, which are important if you want to raise your chances of landing a desirable career or work on an interesting project. In the professional world, networking and collaborating are very applicable, especially in fields like animation or film where people of various backgrounds work together to create a final product.

Purpose of This Blog
Why am I writing this blog? Well, I’m writing it so I can

  • share information on how to build awesome portfolios
  • help ATEC students on how to succeed in the ATEC program and how to prepare now for their desired careers
  • get a good grade on this blogging assignment for my ATEC 3320 class (but that’s not the main point)

Over the past few semesters, I learned that the ATEC program truly demands time and effort. The ATEC program is not for hobbyists. Passion, perseverance and even self-discipline is required in order to reach for the dream job.


  1. Arts and Technology – School of Arts and Humanities – The University of Texas at Dallas. (n.d.). Home Page – The University of Texas at Dallas. Retrieved February 28, 2011, from

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  1. Vincent Lo said

    I like how you’ve captured the core elements of ATEC (networking, portfolio development) and emphasized their importance. I find myself caught up in many of my classes, and I often forget what ultimately gets us our dream jobs.

    This blog is a good resource for anyone looking to join ATEC at UTD. It gives them a better idea of what to prioritize over assignments. I had some people come up to me asking what the program is like, and I’m considering your blog as a source, since it’s, well, made by an actual ATEC student. There’s no bias or ambiguity.

    I was thinking you could maybe include some other students who’ve entered the industry? I’m sure you’ve heard about that Reel FX Apprenticeship Program up in Dallas. There were some students from UTD that were accepted recently. For me, it’s inspiring to hear students that you know get jobs at studios. It also builds more credibility for our ATEC program.

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