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Data #2: Importance of Networking & Collaborating

As you may have read in my first blog post, networking and collaborating is important. I want to delve in a little deeper about why these two concepts are important and applicable in the real-life experiences.
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Data #1: Personal Introduction

Welcome to the The Arts & Technology Portfolio blog! My name is Susan, an Arts and Technology (ATEC) student who is attending The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD).

What is the ATEC Program?
For those who are not familiar of my academic background, the ATEC program is… well, it has an ambiguous description. Read the following excerpt from an official UTD website, and see if you can understand the description of the ATEC program:

“Beyond merely a ‘multidisciplinary’ or ‘interdisciplinary’ scope, ATEC encourages the productive convergence of disparate fields and modes of thinking. It joins science with the humanities, creativity with technology, theory with practice, and learning with research. There are no maps showing the way, just students with diverse interests, talents and a skewed way of looking at the ever-changing world.”[1]

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